Chapter Three
Winter 2017

Bryce Cox

Bachelor of Digital Media (Interaction Design), 
Billy Blue College of Design, Sydney, 2016


How did College change your life? It changed my life in the sense that I was working in a job that wasnt really for me. In my area people tend to do more labour based work. College really opened up my oppurtunities to begin a creative career, which was better suited to me.

What has been the highlight of your career to date?  Getting a job was pretty, cool. That’s always nice. Actually CYMATIC  MEDIUM was the highlight — I recieved really positive feeback from talented people I really respect. One stand out designer asked if I was a magician and had I ever done this before. From my designs, the work exceeded my expectations, as I was putting it together it got better and better.

When did you stop feeling like a student and start feeling like a professional in training? I had major anxieties about jobs, I still haven’t had an interview yet, I got my job through contacts. Now I’m putting the skills I learned into practice, I feel fully formed, in a place where these skills have impact.