Chapter Three
Winter 2017

Claudia Perry

Bachelor of Communication Design,
 Billy Blue College of Design, Sydney, 2017


How did College change your life? College changed my life by opening up a whole new world of design and art that I was unaware of and solidifying to me that there is a place in the design world for visual artists. College allowed me to gain a new skill set which I believe gave me an edge and point of difference amongst others as a designer.

What has been the highlight of your career to date?  My involvement in charity exhibitions such as Put It On Wax (2016), but mostly discovering new ways to add to my body of work with skills that I have learnt in design – combining traditional forms of illustration with digital media.

When did you stop feeling like a student and start feeling like a professional in training? As soon as I set foot on campus. The structure of the assessments given to us as students, in a way, made you believe that the briefs were live, so everything was very considered and taken seriously. The teaching style of the lecturers also enforced this, pushing me to do the best I could and experiment where I was able.