Chapter Three
Winter 2017

Jodi Hilton

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design
, Billy Blue College of Design, Brisbane, 2016


How did College change your life? I became job ready super fast by completing the degree in 2.5 years instead of 4+. It gave me the skills and know-how to step into the industry and take off as soon as I graduated.

What has been the highlight of your career to date?  My highlight was founding The New Garde. An industry disruptive co-working fashion studio. Too often, designers feel the need to move to Sydney or Melbourne to further their careers and end up struggling for years in a larger and more competitive market. Well no longer! The New Garde is a one-stop fashion house that supports designers every step of the way, injecting the Brisbane fashion scene with new life at the same time.

When did you stop feeling like a student and start feeling like a professional in training? The day I started feeling like a professional was during my internship program. I was able to put my learned skills to practice and landed a job straight off the back of the internship. Money in the bank made me feel validated and valued for my skills.